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​Run. Swim. Stage a sponsored tightrope walk in fancy dress. Whatever your fundraising challenge, every dime you raise for White Rose will help save lives through education at the International Peace School being established by the Aegis Trust. In the process, the funds you raise will also protect the environment by helping White Rose recycle tons of unwanted fashion.


White Rose generates at least £500 annually from each clothing bank for peace-building through the Aegis Trust (£5,000 over ten years), by selling donated clothing in White Rose recycled fashion boutiques. Aegis are able to leverage this to secure at least five times more funding from foundations and governments seeking to prevent atrocities and strengthen international development.


Set up your page for the Clothing Bank Campaign right here with White Rose on the fundraising platform. 

​Click 'Start A Fundraiser' and the system will take you through page set-up. It’s really easy, and you can change anything later at the click of a button.

Aegis America

Funds donated are administered by Aegis America on behalf of White Rose for the benefit of Aegis Trust. Aegis America is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, formed in response to the interests of U.S. citizens committed to its mission. Aegis America supports the work of The Aegis Trust through fundraising, global engagement, outreach and education. Its founding committee is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with local committees being organised in D.C., Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

The Aegis Trust is an international organization working to prevent genocide. Aegis honours the memory of the victims of genocide and enables students, professionals, decision-makers and a wider public to meet survivors and learn from their experiences. Through education, we work to build long-term peace by encouraging communities to change from mindsets of mistrust and prejudice to a position of shared responsibility for peace and stability. We also help survivors in difficult circumstances to rebuild their lives.While much of the work of Aegis has been operationally focused in Rwanda and the UK, the organisation has a global mission to work toward the eradication of genocide. Establishing a stronger presence in the United States through Aegis America is a key part of growing the body of support that will be needed to fulfil this mission.

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